Salsa Dance

Life is a ballroom.

No matter what I do it will always be a ballroom.

So I better be a dancer. Love is a dance.

Stepping forward and sometimes back. Falling and sometimes gaining, love will always be a dance. So I have to learn the steps.

My words are a song.

They are me, all that I am.

And no matter what I do, they will always only be me.

So with my own voice I have to learn how to sing.

All in all the world is a spinning marble, hanging by an invisible string. There is fire; there is ice. There is dark; and there is light. But it all moves at the same pace around the same sun in the same void.

G-d put a lesson in all his creations. Paths and choices are taught to us by the division of the branches of rivers and trees. Change is taught to us by the seasons. Acceptance is taught to us with time and the animals teach us companionship and division. We learn all we have from G-d and our earth, whilst love is like the breath that was given to us from our Creator. It is instilled in our soul. And once someone breaths love into you it flourishes, grows and burns. We use that love and we create, becoming like our Creator.

All humans are made of dark elements and light. We exude both energies. We are a force, and in order to love, two forces must learn to coexist.

Giving, breaking, leaning but ultimately making.

It’s not about peace and not fighting, it’s about giving, taking and understanding. That love that I breath and the love that has been given to me is as rare a gift as life is from G-d’s own mouth.

Cherish it in it’s darkness and in it’s light. Because one does not exist without the other.

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